April Fool’s

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As I reflect on this past month I realize it is nearing the end of April and I am asking myself what was the most memorable part of this past month.
It just happened that “Trust Building” was the topic of our group and I did not hesitate to utilize the fact that it was a day for tricksters as a part of my intro into the session. Everyone gathered and with a very serious face I explained that something came up and was sorry but I had to travel back to Canada the next day. I thanked them for sharing their precious time with me as I scanned the room to take note of everyone’s reaction. My eyes met each one of theirs and their usual smiles turned to a mix of confusion, surprise, contemplation, sadness and concern from both staff and girls.
I finally confessed that I was playing a trick on them and after asking for their forgivenes I reminded them that it was April Fools Day and asked how it felt to be tricked by me. Some said that it was okay because it was a joke. Others shared their concerns over what they thought might have had me leaving so early and a few others commented that they were sad at the thought of me leaving saying,” You can’t go yet. You are one of us now”. Hearing this had me thinking about the fact that I was prepared to teach them about trust yet they were the ones who taught me something.
What does it mean to belong? To be excepted as a member of a group. They had known me for a mere two weeks and I had already become a part of their community.
It had me looking at the bigger picture. They must feel safe and secure in this place in order to trust me, a complete stranger. I became aware at that point just how much love was in this place…how I see it every day radiating from the smiles of the girls and the twinkling in their eyes. How it is reflected from everyone who works here no matter what their role.
From love comes safety and security. With safety and security comes trust.


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  1. Angela Mason

    Angie this is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing. So glad to hear how quickly you’ve felt like you belong. May God continue this.


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