A Breath of Fresh Air!

I am in a new country for an extended period if time dwelling in a city that is not easy to navigate…one that requires accompaniment to an outing because the language most often spoken by taxi drivers is Hindi. I am learning Bengali. This is a barrier and one for me that was excruciatingly uncomfortable. I am a roamer, an explorer and some might say a wanderlust (or free bird if you are my other half). I feel most at home outside and in natural surroundings or exploring new places. I find I need it weekly to recharge for the week ahead. For almost a month I stayed in the guesthouse and besides going to work and attempting nightly walks around the neighborhood (let me remind you that the weather is 40° here and at first there was no air conditioning) I didn’t get out much. It sounds like I am complaining but really I was just surprised at my reaction to this situation. I brought many things from Canada to keep me occupied and had the Internet and a lovely apartment with the tastiest of Bengali home cooked meals but that wasn’t it. I needed to feel refreshed but could not. So I decided to read. The first Saturday I read an entire book….on to the next. Until finally last weekend I was able to spend the day out with a friend. I had a wonderful time. More importantly I felt recharged, renewed and restored. My spirit was satiated and I was able to connect with others again like I did when I first arrived.

Love birds
These shoes were made for walking

This was an important reminder regarding self care AND dealing with the discomfort of waiting for my needs to be met (something that I teach the people that I work with). It had me thinking of the girls here that I work with and curious about how they feel about not being able to control their situation. It is a part of being human so go for a run, dance in your living room if need be, sing songs that give you goosebumps, have a coffee or tea with a loved one, take a class or learn about something new online, watch your favourite show or genre of movie in order to feel renewed for the day or week ahead but also learn to sit in the discomfort of not having your needs met immediately. Sit there and listen to what is being said. Waiting should not be a passive action.

Walk to the ends of the earth

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