“Do What You Love…Love What You Do” 

A weekend away with the staff of Mahima playing with Expressive Arts….

During the weeks leading up to the staff workshop I planned around and remembered my own experiences of learning over the three years at the CREATE Institute and European Graduate School, selecting the parts that I felt had the most impact on me and might be memorable for the staff thus increasing their willingness to continue using this practice long after I leave here. I was full of excitement and anticipation feeling extremely blessed  to be able to do this and call it work. Over the two days we worked together using clay, visual art in mosaics, clowning and dance interweaving storytelling throughout all of the modalities.
This group of ten women were incredible to witness. It is no wonder that the girls love being at Mahima around the energy and solidarity of these leaders. They pulled together to problem solve, utilize strengths of one another and ultimately played with the themes they were given while exploring their own further and having fun! Watching creative expression unfold is what this work is all about and they took it seriously. They remained curious and honest about themselves within the group. It brings me great joy to see the fruits of this work blossoming everywhere at Mahima!

                                   Send In The Clowns!


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