Happy Birthday Canada!

​Good-bye June…I will not miss your breathtaking heat! Welcome Monsoon season! I welcome the rains…

In June we said farewell to one of our girls at Mahima as she traveled back home to stay. Everyone gathered around her to share their fondest memories and bless her on her new journey.

It also ushered in Canada Day. We were able to celebrate it a day ahead of my fellow Canadians. All 3 homes came together under one roof and stood for Canada’s National Anthem. Next they saw some pictures depicting some of the identifying features that makes Canada what it is such as RCMP, aboriginal people, the beaver (you have a large rodent as your country’s animal?), the Queen (Hey! She is the Queen of England!) and the maple leaf. Surprisingly, one of the girls knew how many provinces and territories Canada has. We then watched a short video showing how maple syrup is made and I learned that they have something similar from the Palm tree.
Five teams formed to compete for the best team Inukshuk built out of clay, coloured Canada themed pictures and toilet paper role Totem pole. I could not chose just one as everyone put forward an incredible team effort. So everyone received Canadian stickers and those who were wearing red or white were recognized. Pancakes were made over flame and Maple syrup was added for a sticky sweet treat.
The main event was face painting. Most Canada Days back home I dress in a festive red and white tutu and paint hundreds of children’s faces, some father’s and grandparents too so I brought that tradition with me across the seas to Kolkata. There was a lot of “bling” going on and all of the girls  plus staff looked so colourful…even some of the girls were doing an incredible job at painting other girls faces. Everyone truly came together to make this day festive and enjoyable for all!
Happy 149th Birthday Canada. We had a blast celebrating in Kolkata!