A Seed Being Planted 🌱

It has been 6 months since my return to Canada. Time passes like the wind, hardly noticeable until attention is paid to the things that have changed with its movement. This is a new chapter in my life. It is a time of reflection and waiting on the promises of the one who holds onto everything.

I often think about the little moments that marked the in between spaces of daily activity while in Kolkata… trying to understand one another, becoming a master at learning the language of mime, the minutes before my departure from the Home and seeing everyone’s faces for the last time…atleast for now. Remembering the glances into the eyes of others and seeing hope, love and even sadness. Saying goodbye is not easy and sometimes feels easier when it is avoided. 

I didn’t buy a sari when I was in India because it was not practical. I knew I wouldn’t wear it in Canada. A few months ago I found one in my city and purchased it. What changed my mind? Perhaps the hopes of reconnecting with my family in India some day…maybe just holding onto them a little tighter.

So now what? Paths I have been walking here in Canada seem to be a continuation of what I was being led to do in India. Is there a connection? I am trusting with a peaceful heart on this journey praying for wisdom and guidance as I step into this new chapter with a brilliant team. May we all come to know our purpose and use it for the greater good.