Reason to celebrate!

Yesterday I attended a ceremony common to the Indian tradition of parenting where the day is celebrated in honour of the child commencing eating solid foods.


It was Mothers Day (happy belated to all of you special women) and typically hot here in Kolkata. What wasn’t a typical story was that the mother of the child was a graduate of this program, now married and beginning a new chapter in her life with her husband and baby boy. The grandmother of the mother greeted the familiar faces of staff from the aftercare home with love and gratitude. It seemed to me that they were considered family. It amazes me to witness the transformation of someone who has been given the hope of a new life. It’s so beautiful-


The sincerity of satisfaction and peace communicated  in her smile, her eyes and among the group surrounding her that she called family and friends.


Please don’t underestimate the little that you can do in showing love and compassion to another human being for it could put them on course to a life they never thought imaginable. I am honoured to have witnessed this milestone in her life as it encourages me to keep going!